Wondering about my Brain Hits?

I answer your questions here!

Extending all the brain love.

Extending all the brain love.

The SHAWN & The CASTILLO lookin all fine.

The SHAWN & The CASTILLO lookin all fine.

What are the benefits of Brain Hits?

  • Currently the only food that you can buy made with AHCC - 500mg/Hit (minimum dose)

  • Each ingredient specifically chosen for the cognitive & healing benefits.

  • Omega-3 Fats: Lower inflammation / helps prevent brain atrophy / healing the brain after injury.

  • Vitamin E: Healing after brain trauma / cleans up plaques and tangles in the brain / prevents brain stress

  • Antioxidants: Protects brain cells / prevents aging, stress & inflammation of the brain

  • AHCC: Lowers systemic inflammation / increases immune intelligence / increases cancer-killing cells

  • Deliciousness in your mouth: this is a MAJOR benefit :)

  • A simple, decadent, easy-to-grab food without the guilt!

As a former pro athlete, I have tried every supplement known to man - protein, bars, creatine, BCAAAs...
These are a game changer. I have NEVER come across a product like Brain Hits before. Not only did Mimi create something with the perfect macros for any athlete to excel, but these actually have ingredients known to improve your brain?! Now tell me another supplement you take that does ALL of that.
It’s ok, I’ll wait....
— Parker G., college/pro football Hitter

Do you have a minimum order amount?

  • Yes, the minimum order is 6 Brain Hits. I can send in batches of 6, 10 or 12. Or any combination of those numbers…you get the idea. :)

Who should eat Brain Hits?

  • Anyone with a brain & immune system!

  • They were created with athletes in mind, b/c they are most at risk for head injury, but anyone with a brain can and should enjoy them!

Should Kids eat them?

  • Yes, kids absolutely love them! Especially The SHANAHAN (strawberry + goji). I have 5 nieces and nephews and they all eat them and think they are getting cookies!

“Oh my goodness mom...can I have more please? I want to taste them again!”
— Ainsley, 5 yr old Hitter
“Cause they were delicious...” (with a wonderful lisp)
When mom asked why she stole the box of Brain Hits and ate them under her bed...
— Alice, 4 yr old Hitter

Are Brain Hits low-carb?

  • Yes, absolutely! They are very low in sugar and high in fat with moderate protein, which keeps you satiated for a long time!

Are Brain Hits Keto-friendly?

  • Yes & It depends…Brain Hits have minimal sugar, only 3-4 grams per Hit, and 5-6 grams of net carbs, but it depends on your other food choices during your day. Will 3 grams of sugar alone kick you out of ketosis? No, but it does add to your total daily carbohydrate intake.

I see you mention AHCC a lot, What is that?

  • AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) is a health food supplement cultured from the mycelia (roots) of the Shiitake mushroom. It originated from Japanese scientists in the 80’s and is protected by extremely strict manufacturing guidelines. The benefits of AHCC seem to be never-ending but some of the most noted benefits include:

    • improves immune intelligence & surveillance

    • lowers systemic inflammation

    • safe for all ages & even pets!

    • can increase NK (cancer-killing) immune cells by 300%

    • does not interact with prescription medications

    • proven to fight HPV, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, PTSD, hepatitis and more

Are Brain hits good for pregnant or nursing women?

  • Each Hit has 500mg of AHCC in it. You won’t find any clinical research regarding AHCC and pregnant/nursing women because it is unethical to do clinical trials on this population group. Each woman should speak with her doctor and decide what she feels comfortable with. That being said, remember that AHCC is a food…it’s mushrooms. So you can probably guess what I’m going to choose when I’m pregnant/nursing. :)

  • This is my personal opinion: if I was pregnant, and my doctor turned his/her nose up at AHCC, but didn’t say anything about me eating a #3 combo at McDonald’s…I would find a new doctor!

I have been eating Brain Hits for a month now and my milk supply has been insane since I started! I think you may have a new market!
— Krystal P., A Nursing Hitter

How long do brain hits last for? And How should I store them?

  • Store them in an airtight container in the fridge and they will last for months!…But they won’t really last this long because they are way too delicious :) You’re welcome.

How many brain hits should I eat per day?

  • Personally, I eat 1-2 Hits per day, but it can depend on your energy & macronutrient needs. They are very nutrient dense & filling, so often, one Hit is enough in a sitting. Now, if you are a 6’3 offensive lineman eating 7,000 calories each day, you could easily eat 3-4 Hits per day.

Are they a breakfast, snack, dessert, meal replacement?

  • Yes! My intention is that you find something in your daily food line up that isn’t necessarily adding health - a sugary breakfast pastry, the processed granola bar, the chips or brownie at 2:30 pm, or a half pint of Ben & Jerry’s at night - and replace it with a Brain Hit! They are dynamic and very versatile food, literally good for any time of day! My favorite is with coffee or matcha tea in the morning or at night when I’m craving something sweet!

Can I buy your Brain hit recipe?

  • At this time, my recipe is not for sale, but I love the fact that you dig them enough to want Hits all the time!

Do you ship overseas? would the hits go bad?

  • Yes I do! Shipping will be a little more spendy, however. The Brain Hits won’t “go bad” en route. All ingredients are extremely shelf stable. Just pop em in your fridge when you get them!

Are there other AHCC foods I can buy?

  • Currently, Brain Hits are the only AHCC food product available for purchase? (Hollllllaaaaa!)

What are the Macros for Brain Hits?

  • I have full nutrition labels included in the pictures for each flavor, but the Macros for each Hit don’t vary too much: (Per Hit) Fat: 10-11 grams // Protein: 4-6 grams // Net Carbs: 5-6 grams // Sugar: 3-4 grams // Fiber: 2 grams

***The habits and techniques that I promote are not medical treatment and any client should maintain care from their physician during their coaching. As well, Brain Hits are meant to be an addition to the consumer’s lifestyle, not replace any type of medical treatment.***