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from 44.00 every month


  • Subscription Hits for the committed Hitter

  • Like clockwork shipped every month!

  • 500 mg of AHCC® in each

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  • 12 or 30 of The WHOLE FAM

  • The SHAWN is my OG Brain Hit - simple, dark, rich, wonderful.

  • The BOBBI is like enjoying a row of Girl Scout Thin Mints without the added guilt!

  • The FREDDIE taps into those fond memories of enjoying one (or 6) of Reese’s delicious brown candy discs.

  • The CASTILLO is like a pecan pie for health and a hefty dose of anti-inflammatory turmeric.

  • The SHANAHAN tastes like a bright fruity sunrise that ignites every salivary gland.

  • Tha MARKO’s bright lemon and smooth coconut/cashew mixture is like no other.

  • These combine to give your beautiful brain the essential nutrients it is begging for to help us all prevent neurodegenerative disease, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. For athletes, it helps the brain heal after traumatic brain injury, like concussion.

  • All of my Brain Hits, have 500 mg of AHCC®, my heavy hitter. AHCC® is cultured from the roots of Shiitake mushroom & works like a boss to increase your immune system intelligence, lower inflammation, resist infections, viruses, detect cancer cells & so much more. A must for every human. Check out the pile of AHCC® clinical research HERE.

  • Have more questions? Go to my FAQ page HERE.

“Cause they were delicious...” (with a wonderful lisp)
When mom asked why she stole the box of Brain Hits and ate them under her bed...
— Alice, 4 yr old Hitter

Wanna know where these Brain Hit names come from?

Read about them on the individual flavor pages!

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***The habits and techniques that I promote are not medical treatment and any client should maintain care from their physician during their coaching. As well, Brain Hits are meant to be an addition to the consumer’s lifestyle, not replace any type of medical treatment.***