Fighting disease is close to my heart

In 2004, my mom, Brenda, was diagnosed with Stage 1 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. She had found a lump in her left breast. SHE found it. 7 mammograms missed the tumor that was 2 centimeters in diameter. After biopsy and diagnosis,  she was scheduled for surgery very quickly. As she was sitting in the hospital parking lot right before her surgery, praying, she decided on another path. She decided to educate herself on her disease and possible alternative treatments. When she informed her oncologist about her decision, my mom received a letter from her doctor stating that if she did not go forward with their recommended treatment of surgery & chemo therapy the tumor would continue to grow and she would probably die. 

But she knew what she had to do

Because she received zero information or advice from her doctors regarding nutrition, she had to go to the library to check out all sorts of books to learn about what exactly was happening in her body and what she could do about it. She was determined! She completely changed her diet - cutting out all sugar, focusing on whole food nutrition and incorporating very high doses of plant based supplements. She built up her immune system to be stronger than it had every been in her life. After 8 months of this new lifestyle, contrary to what her doctors told, her tumor did not grow at all! Then with her immune system working so well, she was able to have the lump removed successfully. She continued the nutrition protocol that had worked so well in controlling the Cancer. Today, she is still cancer free. 

she's living her best life. 

I wanted to learn more about the tumor that was inside of me, so I spent hours and hours researching everything I could about it. It would have been SO helpful to have help from someone who was already knowledgeable in the area of nutrition. Someone to teach me how to keep the cancer from growing and spreading. It warms my heart completely that my daughter wants to help do what she can to help prevent this disease. It is so needed.
— Brenda

I am so very proud of my mom and grateful that she educated herself and chose the path that lead her to a new found healthy lifestyle, cancer free. I find it mind-boggling that she received no advice about nutrition or lifestyle from her doctor - but clearly her proper nutrition is what saved her! The oncology nurse told my mom that she knew more about her cancer than any other patient she had ever seen. Go Mom! 

I am confident that the reason my mom is still here today is the fact that she taught herself what was necessary to starve her cancer. The cancer cells just could not grow or thrive in the healthy environment she had created in her body. Because of this, she now enjoys a full life with her husband, Tom, her three daughters and her eight grandchildren. She is living proof that changes in diet and lifestyle can control cancer. And If she can control cancer....

you can take steps to prevent it!

Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable.
— Bill Gates
***The habits and techniques that I promote are not medical treatment and any client should maintain care from their physician during their coaching***