Hey, It's time to say yes...

To the confidence of prevention

To that little nudging voice

To wellness


MimiFit Coaching

Through weekly check-in sessions & anytime text support from Mimi, you will receive:

  • Education of what causes and triggers disease in the body
  • A tailored disease-preventing nutrition plan of action
  • 7 day sample meal plan, catered specific to your food preferences
  • Mimifit “Pantry clean out” 
  • Lifestyle habits that promote total wellness 
  • Guidance on how to use your mind as an ally in stress management
  • Access to best cookbooks and recipes 
  • 3 different grocery guides for seasonal healthy eating
  • A body that reflects whats going on inside of you (health!)
  • Recommendations for powerful motivational resources- books, podcasts, research articles, etc. 

And most importantly…You will achieve peace of mind & confidence celebrating the fact that you are taking active participation in disease prevention

Get the goods!

Hold up...there's more!

What else you get with Mimifit:

  • More knowledge & confidence in choosing foods that are right for you
  • My personal food prepping & meal planning tips
  • Knowledge on how to stop counting calories for good
  • Greater self love and appreciation through daily self care
  • More energy for your workouts and daily life
  • Tips on mindfulness & meditation
  • Strategies to destress your life

Nature knows what it’s doing. Do not bet against the wisdom of whole foods.
— Dr. Patrick Quillin, PhD

***The habits and techniques that I promote are not medical treatment and any client should maintain care from their physician during their coaching***